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Volley fundamentally transforms the way sales reps engage their customers.

  • Alignment of Marketing and Sales

    Marketing continues to own the content while sales drives the conversation, allowing each to play to their individual strengths and uniting them behind a consistent strategy.

  • Complete Message Segmentation

    With a nearly limitless ability to segment messaging by audience, sales reps can quickly and easily build individualized, relevant customer interactions—and deliver the right message to the right target at the right time.

  • Objection-Based Coaching

    Volley’s integrated coaching system gives sales reps a powerful tool for handling any product and therapy objection with skill and confidence, raising the level of both clinical and device selling across the entire sales organization.

  • Compliance Safeguards

    To ensure legal and regulatory compliance, Volley provides built-in protection that prevents combining contraindicated information, incorporates references, citations and footnotes appropriately, and if necessary, allows for immediate content removal.

Volley users benefit from an expansive list of critical features and functionality:

  • Objection-based coaching system segmented by product or therapy
  • Built-in regulatory controls, limits, parameters and safeguards
  • Easy message segmentation down to a granular level
  • Seamless backend integration with to track sales interactions
  • Customizable, native iOS application that harnesses the full capabilities of the iPad
  • Development approach that ensures presentation capabilities without an Internet connection
  • Secure, hosted Internet-based CMS to continually update and push/pull content
  • Instant two-way communication between marketing and sales
  • Ability to track individual content elements, profiles and interactions
  • Pre-built profiles developed by marketing
  • Immediately email profiles to customers

What is Volley?

Nimble, flexible and seriously user-friendly, Volley is a mobile selling platform that balances marketing control with sales flexibility—without compromising regulatory compliance. Powered by Volley, how you sell is as innovative as what you sell.

To talk with the Volley experts, please contact Jessica Boden, StoneArch president